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Jokes and Politics

February 4, 2011 Leave a comment

When you have an untouchable archenemy, who is beyond impeachment and overt criticism, it seems natural to express your schadenfreude through jokes. Such is the case with the corrupt leader Mubarak:

Mubarak and his advisers are on board of his plane over Cairo. Mubarak brings out $1,000 and asks how he could use the money to make Egyptians happy. One adviser suggests throwing it out of the window to make an Egyptian family happy. A second adviser suggests splitting it into two bundles and throwing both out of the window to make two Egyptian families happy. The third adviser suggests that Mubarak puts the money in his pocket and jumps out of the window to make all Egyptians happy. (source)

Since my country went through similar uprisings in April, 2009, where thousands of people went on the streets after it was announced the communists won, for the third time, the general election, I recall that there were plenty of jokes made against the communist leader, Vladimir Voronin. Most people protested because they found it unbelievable that the Communist Party would win a majority. After all, they managed in only two terms to turn Moldova into a country that was rife with corruption and poverty. After some investigation, it was found that on the balloting listsĀ  there were names of the people who, may god rest their souls, died. So this is how the joking began:

A presidential limousine stops in front of a graveyard. Voronin steps out of it with a bundle of pamphlets. The person sitting on guard near the gate of the graveyard approaches him and asks:
“My honorable leader, why is a person with such distinction as you visiting this lowly place?”
Voronin looks at him surprised, “It’s simple, I just came to see my voters.”