About the author

Q. How do you justify your existence?

A. I do not think that there is an answer that I can provide. In order to justify my existence I must feel like I have accomplished something important, something that I would be glad to share with others. I have yet to do that.

Q. Then why do you write? Why bother to maintain a blog at all?

A. I do it for for my own good. Although I write publicly, I will not feel in any way deterred not to continue writing if there is no audience. Maintaining a blog is an experiment in writing, and it helps me collect and summarize whatever is of my interest.

Q. Why write about science?

A. Scientists and philosophers have a different understanding of criticism. They are not ashamed to speak their mind. I do not seek congratulations and undeserved praise for what I write. I evaluate and accept everything I get in response, unless what I get clearly does not make any sense.

Q. Who are you?

A. I will tell you only the basics. I was born in Moldova,  in Eastern Europe, that by all accounts is the poorest country in Europe. I recently got my undergraduate diploma. I am 22.  I spend most of my time reading. I am particularly fond of analytical philosophy, which provides me questions to answer. Psychology just helps me find those answers. That’s it. I will say no more.

  1. Kendy
    April 6, 2012 at 12:51 am

    You seem absolutely brilliant, if I may say so. I’m currently working on a research project for my Abnormal Psychology class, and I found your article on Antisocial Personality Disorder to be extremely helpful (just a little feedback, in case you were interested.). I adore the study of Psychology. It really gives me an insight as to how others think and react to things. How the human mind works, if you will. I’m glad to see other people have the same appreciation in general of the human race.

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