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I am-WHAT?

December 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I am a man of words, but no deeds.
Sparkling with desire to live till the end of the world.
A daedal of keys, chains, and locks
A courageous fear with thoughts of its own,
And a fool hungry for worries that cannot be eaten
I am the child of the worms below and of the gods above
A replay in the YouTube, Facebook and MySpace routine
Scrutinizing with a blind eye the songs of my life
And singing in a New York parade “I want to be Free”
I am skin, bones, veins, hellos, good-byes, out-of-controls
The “What has happened to me?” of the morning 9/12
A soldier that cries on the fields of dead bodies and alive hopes
A delirious genius–Yes–That is not me.
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