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As it was mentioned on Language Log, there is a lot of coverage on the on-camera aphasic episode of Serene Branson, a reporter for CBS. There are several videos on Youtube, some of which are hardly sensitive. I know that snickering on reporter’s failures sometimes can be funny, especially in the O’Rilley can’t explain that meme. This is not the case:

My initial reaction was Wernicke’s aphasia, especially when I heard burtation.

Upon seeing an several callous remixes that popped up when I searched the segment, I remembered several shameful things I’ve done in elementary school. I’ve been through four schools in that period, and in some of them I’ve met classmates who had trouble speaking or reading. There was a lot of ridicule and mocking, since for many it was inconceivable how someone in, say, third grade would not be able to read when everyone else was able to. I really wish professors were more perceptive. When children are taught about learning disorders or types of aphasia, I think that there is some attitude change. If a teacher came to me and asked me to read the text below and explained me everything, I am certain I would have shown some understanding. I am so sorry right now.

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