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The frustration of those who teach

We rarely can assess the intricacies or worth of a profession unless we become part of it. Hence, it is fitting that once in a lifetime you should do some drudgery, so that you would understand, at least partially, the feelings of those who perform that work on a daily basis.

In high-school I could not fathom what is it like to be a teacher. Yes, I heard their sighs when things did not go so well, but between comprehending someone’s vexations in the role of the observer and trying to actually be the subject, who not only takes note of others’ feelings but also understands them, is a considerable gap.

Now, after I tutored dozens of students for more than two years in subjects mostly related to math, I think that I have come to realize how both frustrating and rewarding teaching can be. Once, I became so involved with some of my students in Calc II that I put them on a regimen that involved doing and redoing questions maybe a dozen times. Although the progress was slow, I was happy that they showed persistence through the countless of hours of my bickering about why “does this series converge or diverge” or why “it is important to add a constant when you take the anti-derivative.” Sometimes, however, I feel like this:

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